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表題のとおり決まったとのことで、我が寮Ashdown Houseでは大騒ぎ。

築100年の伝統ある寮は取り壊され、学部生向けの寮に作り変えられ、現住人は2年後を目処に新しく建てる寮に移す、 という計画らしい。


Whereas the administration claims that it wishes to move the Ashdown community to the new building, a look at the plans suggests otherwise. In fact, it is painfully apparent that the Ashdown community would be utterly destroyed if the current plans are implemented:

1. The size and configuration of the new rooms suggest rents of the order of $900 per month.

2. The new building would have approximately half as much common space per student as Ashdown and SP. There would not be space for a common room anywhere near the size of Hulsizer. The implication is: no jungle party and no coffee hour (or that such events be held in SP - clearly not a realistic option).

Ultimately, we will pay more rent, lose our precious community, and have fewer amenitites.

AHEC along with some concerned Ashdown Alumni are doing all we can to prevent this. However, we NEED your HELP. The only thing that is going to stop the train at this point is if the administration hears, loud and clear, that this development is completely unacceptable to the Ashdown residents. If you can help in anyway, whatsoever, please let us know by sending an e-mail to (---).

At this Thursday's coffee-hour, we will be holding a TOWN HALL meeting for Ashdown residents. That would give you all an opportunity to voice your concerns to AHEC. We will also give you an update of where things stand and brainstorm on a strategy to fight for Ashdown's future.

移転先の寮費は上がり、パーティーの設備はなくなり、コミュニティは破壊され、いいこと無し。なんとしても阻止すべし、決起集会だ。・ ・・かなり怒ってます。昔住んでいた慶大日吉寮、 良き友・早大田無寮、対岸の火事ではなかった東大駒場寮を思い出す。寮生冬の時代。

そんな訳で、先程まで決起集会でした。「どこまで決まっててどこから変えられるのか」「今我々にできることは何なのか」 「みんなほんとにどうしたいのか」。云々。やっぱり皆、この場所が好きなんだな。自分はAshdownが無くなる頃には (よっぽどのことがなければ)卒業していなくなる身とはいえ、、、この感覚は随分久しぶり。「たとえ何も変えられなくても、 動かずにいられるものか」。来週あたりから、MITキャンパス内で何か始めることになるかも・・・。MITの方々、 なにとぞ宜しく応援願います。